Special fish are fish that aren't exactly fish. They are either from the special section of the store in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can also get special fish from adoptions when your friend posts that they found a abandoned animal in happy aquarium. NOTE: I'm very sorry that I dont know how to create a page yet, i'm new at this!

Name Price/ How to Get Mate Price Hatching Time Growth Time Description Special Ability
Mini Dolphin (Pink or Blue) 69 Pearls ? ? 72 hrs Irresistable and it knows it! None that I know of
Pink Sea Otter 27 Pearls ? ? 72 hrs Dreams of smooching and cuddling with a Male Sea Otter Mate with Male Sea Otter for a new color! (I'm pretty sure)
Pink Penguin 25 Pearls ? ? 72 hrs Pink Penguin is hopelessly in love with the Flipper Penguin. Mate with Flipper Penguin for new color!
Blue Squid 623 Coins 312 Coins ? 72 hrs This Blue Male Squid is in love with the Female Squid. Help them make a love connection! Mate with Squid for new color!
Seahorse (Yellow or Pink) 46 Pearls ? ? 32 hrs Hopeless romantic wants to make out with a fish None that I know of (Mate with fish?)
Pink Sea Turtle 23 Pearls 18 Pearls ? 72 hrs Has a Crush on the Green Turtle. On rare occasion, mating will result in a fun surprise! Mate with Green Turtle for new color! (Orange)
Sea Turtle (A.K.A Green Turtle) Adopt 13 Coins ? ? None Mate with Pink Sea Turtle for new color! (Orange)
Sea Otter Adopt ? ? ? None Mate with Pink Sea Otter for new color!
Scuba Hamster 83 Pearls ? ? Doesn't Grow Hamster who enjoys slipping and sliding in aqua life. Guards you tank with passion. None that I know of


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