A screenshot of the Clownfish.


Buy Price

16 Coins

Sell Price

18 Coins(Mature) 4 Coins(Infant)

Mate Price

8 Coins

Hatch Time

3 Hours

Mature Time

6 Hours

A Clownfish (aka Anemone Fish) is a tropical fish in the oceans, which feeds on small invertebrates, and are found in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, The Great Barrier Reef (where Nemo and Marlin live) and the red sea, and there are none in the Caribbean Sea and are omnivores. It's the fish you purchase at the store which doesn't need a reached level.


In Popular CultureEdit

In Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo, the only known 3 Clownfish are Nemo, Marlin and Coral.The clowfishs are know in the movie universe as very funny fish.

See AlsoEdit

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